Church is so much more than a Sunday service – it’s a community of people dedicated to drawing out the best in each other.

Children’s Church K-6Th

New Life Kids Church is a place where kids learn all about L.I.F.E. They learn how much God loves them, how to love God back, how to love themselves in a healthy way and how to love others. They will learn about their identity in Jesus Christ. They will learn about faith being the engine that makes it all possible, and what their purpose in life is. We have wonderful teachers who use various ways to teach your children using puppets, skits, games to bring it to life. We also teach them about R.E.S.T. They will learn about how God brings revelation to them. How He empowers us to do the revelation He brings, then the strategy He wants us to use. In the end they learn they triumph in victory through Jesus Christ.



Equipping the youth for L.I.F.E.! By sharing God’s love and helping them embrace their identities in Christ. Igniting their faith, so that they will know and serve their eternal purpose in Christ!



Every 2nd and 4th Monday we open our doors from 4:00-6:30 pm and love on the community. We provide home cooked meals to anyone wanting to fellowship, whether they are hungry for food or just starving for attention. The last Saturday of each month from 11:00-2:00 pm Lima First Church assembles to love on the community in the same way. All for the glory of God!

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